10 worst states for human trafficking

Feb 18 2021

In this article, we will list the 10 worst states for human trafficking in America using per capita statistics.

Trafficking in human beings is not the same as trading in human beings. Trafficking of human beings is consensual, while trafficking is against the will of a victim. Three forms of trafficking in human beings are common: sex trade, slave labor, and servitude. Agriculture, hotels, manufacturing, homework, sports, hospitality, and the business sex industry benefit most from human trafficking. There can be trafficking between countries or inside a country in regions. Any gender, race, or age may do this.

Trafficking of human beings will continue as long as the market for its victims persists. Trafficking of humans is the crime of transportation, typically for sexual trafficking, of someone from one country to another and it is much more widespread than you can know. The awful fact that many women allegedly employed there are kept against their will is the root aspect of the sex industry and the illicit massage rooms.

Although it is impossible to figure out whether someone is being trafficked against their will, airlines, Hotels and other businesses gradually teach workers to identify and warn officials when it occurs. Flying staff and hotel receptionists are gradually assisting these victims to spot and save.

Just how common is human trafficking in the United States and where is it taking place?

You may assume that the smugglers are condemned for the poor or third world nations, where three meals a day are mostly fantasy. The grim, harsh reality, however, is that sex trafficking is extremely prevalent not just in developing nations, but also in many developed countries. And since this is a massive, trillion-dollar criminal enterprise, it's never possible to collect proper statistics. The estimated cases of trafficking of human beings are expected to represent a slight percentage of the total number of cases, one of the worst sentences ever to be read.

There is trafficking in human beings worldwide in over 100 countries. Some figures are shocking, as 30% of countries say that more traffickers are women than men and in some countries the vast majority are women. On the other hand, there are usually incredible and deeply depressing numbers, such as 79% of all trafficking in human beings being for sexual slavery and 18% for human labor. If you want to hear about international causes, think about going to more than six causes in Africa, India, and the US of trafficking in human beings. This might, however, be more apparent to women trafficked and thus documented even more than other forms of trafficking in human beings. The overwhelming majority of people trafficked are children in certain countries, particularly in Africa.

10. Mississippi

In 2019, a total of 148 cases of trafficking in human beings were registered. The estimated population of Mississippi is just below 3 million, though this does not seem like a big amount. The 10th largest incidence of sex trafficking in the world is Mississippi (1 person out of 20,000 in Mississippi), which is a big source of State concern.

9. Missouri

In Missouri, landscaping facilities, beauty services, and traveling sales crews were the most popular companies covering people trafficking. A total of 234 cases in 2019 were registered.

8. Washington

While Washington was the first state to pass a law which criminalized trafficking in human beings and passed the strictest law on it, was still unable to get rid of this crime. In 2019 in Washington, a total of 272 cases were registered.

7. Michigan

Human trafficking is worldwide and Michigan is no different, where disturbing sexual abuse of a child happens quite frequently. In 2019 in Michigan, a total of 364 cases were registered.

6. Nevada

Nevada has a very high human trafficking record in the country and is also conveniently included in our list of 15 of America's most trafficked nations. In 2019, 239 cases in Nevada were registered. The population of Nevada is just under 3.1 million, but one out of 13,000 Nevadans are the victims of trafficking in human beings.


Texas has the second-highest number of cases (1090 confirmed cases) in America in 2019, which is saved only by the fact that many more have exceeded the rate of sex trafficking in the state.

4. Ohio

While Ohio has a task force to deal with sex trafficking, the crime empire has not yet been fully eradicated. In 2019, 450 cases in Ohio were registered.

3. Georgia

More than 400 cases have been registered in 2019 in Georgia, and an unwelcome 3rd spot on our list at a pace of around four trafficked persons per 100,000.

2. California

With more than 1,500 cases, California is the second biggest in the world because the sex trafficking rate is significantly higher.


Lift your hands and pull yourself up if you figured Florida would be at the height of America's five worst human trafficking states. While the issue is now above the list, this is still rising and there is no evidence that it is slowing down. In 2019, Florida reported a total of 896 cases.

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